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Introduce & Profile Instructors

Jordan Gomes is the head instructor at A Sweet Life Yoga. He’s been teaching for over 10 years and has a deep, passionate commitment to helping people find true health and wellbeing. His classes focus on creating space through breath, movement and connection with your true self. Jordan believes that yoga is a tool to transform your life from within and that everyone can come to a place of peace regardless of age, size or ability.

Liz Gregory is an experienced yoga teacher who specializes in vinyasa flow classes that incorporate elements grace, balance and strength. She’s a firm believer in allowing yourself rest and healing time on the mat, so her classes offer plenty of room for exploration and reflection. Liz loves working with beginner students and helping them gain an understanding of what their body needs through mindful movement practices.

Ruth Hartley loves serving her community”she focuses her classes on accessibility, safety, physical work as well as techniques to foster mental wellness outside of practice. Ruth invites differences among abilities, cultures and backgrounds into every class she teaches”believing this only enriches any yogic journey! Ruth enjoyed growing her practice while studying Health Science & Education in college”and now looks forward to inspiring each student’s individualized practice journey so we can all experience joy together!

Kai Harris has been teaching at A Sweet Life Yoga for over 6 years. He brings a special energy to the studio which his student adore! His classes create a sense of empowerment by learning how our bodies move with intention and purpose while creating greater strength physically but also mentally & emotionally. Kai studied alternative medicine while living abroad in India ” he encourages students to find understanding not just from traditional but esoteric teachings as well.

Giveaways & Contests

At A Sweet Life Yoga, we understand the importance of taking time out of our busy days to unwind and relax, and so we hope to make it even more rewarding by having fun giveaways and contests! You can enter to win cool prizes like gift cards, free product samples, or one-month free memberships. Our goodie bags are full of treats that will nourish your body and soul. We also have special yoga classes and retreats with great discounts available! Don’t miss these opportunities; come in now or follow us on social media for the latest announcements about upcoming offerings! We look forward to sharing a sweet life with you at our studio!

wellness Resources

1. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga: A Practical Guide to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit by Deepak Chopra
2. Yoga for Life: A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom by Colleen Saidman Yee
3. The Wisdom of Yoga: A Seeker’s Guide to Extraordinary Living by Stephen Cope
4. The Healthy Yogi by Siri Datta
5. Awake in the Wild: Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self-Discovery by Mark Coleman

1. Mindful Movement with Chel Hamilton
2. Breath & Body Yoga Podcast with Raquel Vamos
3. Wanderlust Speakeasy with Jeff Krasno
4. Yogaland Podcast with Rachel Brathen
5. The Art of Authenticity podcast with Sydnii Souza Halleran and Christian Birky

1. Yoga International ” includes articles, videos, classes, info on yoga teachers and studios
2. Drishti ” a yoga lifestyle magazine featuring stories about yoga practice, health, nutrition and more
3. Greenkind Magazine ” features mindful content that promotes renewal and sustainability for individual overall wellness 4. Well+Good ” wellness trends website that offers up nutrition advice, workout tips, skincare tutorials and much more 5. Enlightened Worlds ” online destination for sustainable living solutions; blog posts on topics like home yoga practice ideas and eco-friendly products reviews

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Local Offerings: 1) Find your local yoga studio or teacher who can provide guidance on the best practices personalized for you 2) Look into venues at your local park or library where workshops are occasionally offered 3) Attend local fairs or community events related to yoga practice & wellbeing 4) Ask around if there are volunteer organizations that offer free or discounted classes 5) Research retreats in your area where you can experience yoga outside the traditional studio setting

User Testimonials

“Yoga at A Sweet Life is the perfect escape from everyday life. The calming atmosphere and positive energy that radiates through the studio make it one of my favorite places to relax! I love the variety of classes they offer – there’s something for everyone, no matter your experience level or needs.” – Brendan J., Dallas

“I was initially drawn to A Sweet Life Yoga because of its tranquil, warm atmosphere but quickly fell in love with the incredible instructors and thoughtful classes. Every class has been tailored to our individual needs and goals, allowing us to truly deepen our practice. Not to mention the wonderful community that has been so welcoming!” – Syndee K., Austin

“A Sweet Life Yoga has reignited my passion for yoga and given me tools for managing stress and improving my wellbeing. I appreciate how much care and attention I receive from each of their instructors – they never assume you necessarily know what to do in each pose, instead making sure you understand each movement as well as its benefits.” – Sarah P., Houston

Travel Opportunities

A Sweet Life Yoga offers a variety of exciting opportunities for travelers who are looking to deepen their connection to yoga and explore the world. From beach-side retreats in sunny Costa Rica to restoring hikes in the majestic Rocky Mountains, they offer tailored experiences that combine adventure with inner growth. Every trip includes all-inclusive packages of transportation and meals, as well as unique activities such as guided meditations, nature immersions with local experts, and breathtaking excursions in beautiful surroundings. Plus, participants have access to amazing resources to help guide their journey of self-discovery while gaining invaluable insight into the depth of yoga philosophy. Whether you are new to the practice or an experienced practitioner, A Sweet Life Yoga has something for everyone! Explore foreign cultures and connect with your surroundings through powerful group workshops, create lifelong memories by discovering ancient ruins, or just relax and enjoy locally-sourced meals on stunning beaches”all powered by a deep dedication to yogic teachings. Traveling with A Sweet Life is sure to be an unforgettable journey!

Discounts & Specials

A Sweet Life Yoga is committed to offering clients unique and exclusive specials and discounts in order to support their health and wellness goals. As a part of this commitment, the studio offers reduced rates for purchasing class passes and packages, discounted pricing for special events such as workshop series, early bird registration specials for upcoming classes, and special savings for athletic clubs. Additionally, A Sweet Life Yoga often partners with local businesses to provide clients with free or discounted services such as massages, nutritional counseling sessions, spa days, and more. By keeping up-to-date with their available discounts and specials via online newsletters or social media campaigns, clients can look forward to taking full advantage of A Sweet Life Yoga’s commitment to promoting health and wellness by making quality services more accessible & affordable.

Social Good

A Sweet Life Yoga is a global business committed to automating good in the local communities they serve. They partner with different organizations that promote and support sustainably grown foods, fair wages for employees and equitable access to education. They also facilitate donations of food, clothing, books, or other needed resources to inner-city programs that are focused on supporting families and individuals within their local community. In addition, they volunteer in many capacities each year to provide services such as providing hot meals to those in need or leading yoga classes at shelters. A Sweet Life Yoga actively works in their local community to promote awareness of healthy living and how it can help create more positive social change.

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Photography & Videos

A Sweet Life Yoga wants to showcase their community and classes through the use of photography and videos. By creating a portfolio of photographs and videos that capture both the spirit of yoga practitioners and the people who take part in the different classes available, they will be able to spread their message far and wide. The images could focus on moments in class when students are finding balance or stretching out deeply into poses, as well as key moments when laughter erupts or friends share an intimate hug after being reunited at what had been a tumultuous time for them. Video interviews with teachers and members can further show off A Sweet Life Yoga’s warm and friendly atmosphere, providing insight into what it’s like to practice here — from physical benefits to personal growth. These photos and videos can then be used in marketing campaigns to help draw new members from around the world, as well as provide resources for existing members.


A Sweet Life Yoga can reach out to experienced yogis in the community, such as those who have practiced yoga for many years, as well as those who have recently become interested in it and are trying to find their own practice.

These interviews could also involve people associated with A Sweet Life Yoga’s team. This could include studio owners, instructors and students. They can share their personal experiences with yoga including their journey into it, their learning process, and the impact that it has had on them.

The interviews should focus on how yoga has positively affected each person’s everyday life. They may talk about how they balance family life and work responsibilities with an active yoga practice, or even sharing ways that yoga has improved their mental health.

Interviewing these people is an excellent way for A Sweet Life Yoga to further engage with its own community and increase awareness about the benefits of practicing yoga on a regular basis. It will also help to create a storytelling culture within the studio – one where people feel inspired by each other’s journeys: both in terms of physical accomplishments and spiritual growth!


A Sweet Life Yoga has formed several strategic partnerships to help bring their vision of healthy and mindful living to the public. They offer high quality yoga products in collaboration with leading industry brands such as lululemon, Gaiam, and PrAna. They have partnered with local fitness centers around the country, offering discounts on classes and workshops at select locations. They also have a strong focus on giving back to their greater community by holding donation-based classes for local homeless shelters and community centers. Additionally, A Sweet Life Yoga provides discounted memberships for teachers, students, and veterans as part of their commitment to making health and wellness accessible to everyone. All partners receive exclusive perks such as free shipping on orders over a certain amount and priority access to new products.

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