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Host an event

A New Day Yoga SLC is hosting a variety of events designed to promote well-being. Here are some of their upcoming events:

•A Virtual Wealth Building & Money Mastery Series – This four-session series will be hosted by an experienced financial advisor and help participants gain a greater understanding of fiscal management principles and strategies, such as mastering your savings plan, investing smartly, reducing debt, and making stronger decisions about managing money.

•Yoga Nidra Workshops – These one-hour workshops will teach yoga nidra techniques intended to induce deep relaxation and clear the mind. Participants can expect improved focus, clarity, stress relief, and more after attending this workshop.

•Wama + Flow Yoga Class – Experience an athletic vinyasa yoga flow class with spirituality woven in featuring essential oils , crystal singing bowls and chanting. A great way to get your body moving with intentions set for the rest of your day.

•Moon & Meditation Gatherings – These 60-120 minute rituals bring modern spiritual practices into another realm combined with current astrological energy for connecting people to their intuition. The gatherings often involve mantra and meditation as well as sound healing Music from gongs basses drums bells rattles etc.

Community Outreach

A New Day Yoga Slc values community outreach and has several initiatives to support local causes and improve the lives of those around them. The studio partners with organizations like the YWCA in Salt Lake City to run yoga classes specifically for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, providing healing resources and an alternative coping method. A New Day Yoga Slc is also active in schools in the local area, having instructors go into classrooms to teach mindfulness techniques that can be used by students to reduce stress. The studio supports local charities such as food pantries as part of their commitment to tithing 10% of profits back into their immediate community. In addition, the studio runs donation-based events on federal holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas where all proceeds from both classes and items purchased in store are donated towards a chosen cause.

Special Offers

A New Day Yoga SLC is offering a variety of special offers and discounts for our valued customers. For new students, we offer a beginner’s package of five classes at just $45, allowing them to explore different types of yoga without breaking the bank. We also provide family discounts plans, so that families can take part in their loved one’s yoga practice together. There are also regular specials available throughout the year on individual classes and packages. For more information on the specials we offer be sure to check out our website or contact us directly at A New Day Yoga SLC.

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A New Day Yoga Slc provides a wide range of yoga equipment for customers to use. This includes mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, and blankets. There is also a selection of yoga props available, such as resistance bands, foam rollers, exercise balls, meditation cushions, and more. Additionally, they have an array of weights and balance boards to help with developing core strength. For those looking for more challenging postures, there are yoga swings with adjustable resistance levels on offer. They complete the set up with several high-quality speakers providing calming music during classes.


At A New Day Yoga Slc, we understand that proper nutrition plays an important part in successful yoga practice. Along with regular yoga sessions and a balanced lifestyle, eating nutritious foods is essential for success. Eating healthy can help to improve strength and energy levels during practice as well as assist in recovery afterwards.

We strive to provide useful tips about nutrition for our yoga practitioners that will help them make smart food choices so they can make the most of their practice sessions. We recommend providing students with information about specific foods that are beneficial for yoga such as lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, grains and whole-foods starches. Additionally, information on how to optimize digestion helps ensure maximum nutrient absorption and utilization by the body while minimizing calorie intake. Practitioners should also be mindful of staying hydrated before, during and after their practice session as water helps to promote circulation throughout the body and maintain even temperature control.

Finally, we encourage people to take time to pay attention to their eating habits outside of the studio in order to establish a balance between yogic principles of self-care and wholesome eating in everyday life. Together with effective classes led by experienced instructors at A New Day Yoga SLC, these tips can help you achieve not just fitness goals but also wellness from within.


A New Day Yoga Slc offers a variety of video tutorials and tips from their experienced instructors to really help you get the most out of your yoga or wellness practice. Through these videos, you’ll be able to access specialized classes on various topics, such as breath control and restorative poses. You’ll also receive advice on flexibility and postures, as well as instruction on transitioning into some of the more challenging poses. Video tutorials are an excellent way to learn how to properly perform yoga exercises while also understanding correct body alignment and positioning. As well as these videos providing guidance on perfecting techniques, they offer support through inspiring words from the instructors who have been practicing for years and understand how hard it can be to start something new. The instructors strive to provide students with all the necessary tools to start feeling good about themselves both inside and out. With A New Day Yoga Slc’s range of video tutorials, everyone can find what best suits them so that they can access living a healthier lifestyle

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Make use of Photos

Pictures can do a lot to convey the feeling and atmosphere of A New Day Yoga SLC. Showcase photos of instructors leading classes, teaching yoga postures, and interacting with students. Show the different types of classes that are offered and the variety of people who attend them – from young adults to seniors, beginners to experienced yogis. Capture close-up images of hands in various yoga poses a well as wide-angle views of whole classes holding poses together. Don’t forget to show off A New Day’s beautiful yoga studio too! Don’t be afraid to get creative – highlight unique features such as colorful illustrations or decorative art in the space, behind the scenes shots of instructors setting up for class, engaging images showing determined expressions during challenging postures, or group shots that bring to life the wonderfully diverse community forged by practicing yoga together at A New Day Yoga SLC.

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