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A.g Mohan Yoga Teacher Training (AMYTT) was founded in 2004 by revered yoga master and teacher, Sri A.G. Mohan and his wife, Indra Mohan to promote the practice, philosophy and lifestyle of yoga from its authentic roots in India. Under the banner of Svastha Yoga & Ayurveda, AMYTT offers an intensive Yoga Teachers Training Course based on the traditional teaching methods that have been preserved for thousands of years within India’s ancient spiritual tradition. The program is aimed at producing qualified teachers who practice and embody the principles of holistic health and wellbeing taught by Sri A.G. Mohan and inspired by his unique style of teaching which integrates sound wisdom gathered from various classical yoga lineages and modern knowledge derived from scientific research into yoga therapy, anatomy and physiology teachings.

AYMTT program combines traditional Indian wisdom with modern knowledges gleaned from scientific research into the physical, psychological, energetic and spiritual aspects of yoga to develop a holistic approach towards teacher training that preserves the beauty of ancient practice while accommodating the needs of modern life. Since its founding in 2004, AYMTT has graduated many students all over India who are passionate about spreading Krishna’s message that was taught by Lord Krishna himself: “The one who sees me everywhere…and everything in me…he alone will attain peace”.

Benefits of the Program

A.g Mohan’s Yoga Teacher Training program has been helping students successfully pursue their dream of becoming yoga instructors since 1992. Students enrolled in the program not only hone their practice and expand their knowledge of yoga, but also gain a better understanding of methods to share the wisdom they have acquired with others.

Examples of successful graduates from this program include Cat Smith who founded YO-Glow; a movement studio in Wisconsin, Gary Robinson founder of Yoga Unites, an organization that offers free yoga classes for people facing economic challenges; and Josh Goodman who created Flowontherailroad.com, an online platform dedicated to making yoga accessible to everyone.

Graduates from A.g Mohan’s Yoga Teacher training program have achieved success in many ways such as teaching at prominent studios, giving lectures worldwide about the benefits of yoga, leading retreats for yogis of all levels and creating vibrant online communities where people come together to practice and learn about mindfulness. Some graduates have even built businesses focused on providing innovative services like virtual classes or one-on-one mentorship programs geared towards helping those new to yoga or wanting to deepen their practice. Other graduates have created resources such as instructor guides or self-study courses based on Aghori’s teachings and practices. All these accomplishments attest highly to the immense value offered in this unique ideology-based teacher training program which continues making a positive impact on students’ lives every day.

Program Overview

A.g Mohan Yoga Teacher Training provides aspiring yoga teachers with comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge, skills, and practical experience to become professional yoga professionals. The program draws from a variety of ancient and contemporary teaching approaches, guided by its acclaimed teacher trainers. It follows a modular format designed for experiential learning, providing both theoretical information and practical training which can be adapted for individual requirements.

The program consists of five distinct modules featuring different topics such as Meditation & Pranayama practices, Asana teaching & cueing basics, Sequencing principles, Yoga Philosophy & Science fundamentals, Anatomy overview & functional practices. Each module covers twelve credit hours with six hours reserved for lectures, two hours for practice, three hours of demonstration class plus one hour of student questions & answers session*. A minimum of 15 participants is recommended in each program and the duration lasts approximately 125 – 150 teaching hours (about 40 days).

In addition to the main curriculum of the Teacher Training course there are several additional online resources available to help students gain additional knowledge, refine their skills and explore new avenues to pursue their yogic education further. Online forums are used as supportive platforms during their studies with access to additional materials such as video tutorials uploaded by A.g Mohan staff and actively discussed in those forums along with other issues of specific interests related to yoga teachin or philosophy among others. Furthermore the blogs section works as an extension on freeform topics not covered within the standard courses structure where experienced trainers provide an insight on valuable new perspectives and experiences gathered from their personal practice or studies throughout a lifetime dedicated to Yoga itself as well as other related matters including health/nutrition principles influenced by yogic teachings.

Legs Up The Wall Yoga Pose

Requirements for Entry

The A.G. Mohan Yoga Teacher Training program requires that all applicants must have a minimum of two years of consistent yoga practice, dedication to self-inquiry and study, and genuine curiosity about the yogic path.

In order to apply for the program, interested individuals should fill out an online application form and submit via email along with a current CV, a 500-word essay expressing your interest in the topic, and two letters of recommendation from yoga teachers or other qualified professionals who can comment on your ability to successfully complete the program.

Once your completed application is received, a review board will assess it based on criteria that includes depth of practice demonstrated in your essay, answers to specific questions on the application form, prior experience in yoga such as completion of prior 99YS teacher training modules or workshops. After successful assessment, you may be asked for an in-person interview which will take place at our Delhi location by telephonic conversation. If accepted into the program you will be notified within four weeks from date of submission of the application form. Upon acceptance into the program you will be required to pay a nonrefundable registration fee within two weeks’ time to secure your spot within this highly competitive program.

The A.G Mohan Yoga Teacher Training course is rigorous and demanding but also rewarding; offering unique personal growth opportunities that promise life long transformation as well as successful completion according to standards set forth by Indian traditional yogis and modern practitioners alike!

Areas of Study

A.g Mohan Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of yoga instruction and practice. Over the course of the training, participants will learn about the different types of yoga poses and styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashthanga, Iyengar, Restorative, Kundalini and more. They will also explore the philosophy behind each style as well as its physical applications and benefits. Those enrolled in the program will be introduced to anatomy and physiology with a focus on understanding muscles and skeletal systems. With personalized guidance from certified instructors, students will learn how to modify postures to suit individual body types and progressions while emphasizing safety in poses; they’ll develop their own teaching strategies; practice teaching; review health contraindications related to yogic practice; study Sanskrit language; delve into chanting; experience pranayama (breathing exercises); incorporate principles of Ayurveda medicine ;and understand energy anatomy with respect to chakras and meridians. Upon successful completion of A.g Mohan Yoga Teacher Training’s program, graduates will be awarded with registered 200 hour certification recognized by Yoga Alliance International

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities in the field of A.g Mohan Yoga Teacher Training include a variety of paths. Working as an independent Yoga Teacher can be rewarding, with the potential for growth depending on your own experience and qualifications. To get started, you’ll need to acquire a teacher certification from an accredited educational institution, such as the A.g Mohan Yoga School. Once certified, you’ll be able to offer classes to individual students and/or larger groups at private studios, yoga centers, corporate offices, retreats, or even through online platforms.

You may also explore other avenues of teaching such as running workshops or retreats with similar formats and teachings. Additionally, many teachers are now offering creative services such as private one-on-one personal training sessions or health and wellness consults; some licensed practitioners may even extend their scope to offer massage therapy or nutritional guidance. You may also look into joining non-profit organizations that facilitate health education programs within local communities.

For those interested in specializations within the field of A.g Mohan Yoga Teacher Training, it can be beneficial to pursue additional certifications which will enhance your knowledge base and hone your skills whenever possible; this could include various forms of mind-body therapies such as trauma-informed yoga practices, breathwork training (also known as pranayama), meditation instruction and more for further career growth within the field. It’s also important to stay current on industry trends through regular practice and by networking with other practitioners both virtually (i.e., conferences) and in person (i.e., events). With dedication and hard work ” along with a commitment towards self-development ” it is possible to become successful in this increasingly popular career path!

Support and Networking

A.g Mohan Yoga Teacher Training provides students with powerful tools to create a strong professional network in the yoga industry. Through association with regional and global yoga organizations, students are able to access resources from expert teachers, practitioners, and leaders in the field. Additionally, online networking opportunities offered by the program helps students to connect with other yoga enthusiasts around the world for career advice and employment opportunities. As part of their curriculum, A.g Mohan Yoga Teacher Training also offers certifications, workshops and continuing education courses that allow graduates to branch out into new areas within the yoga industry, such as teaching specialized classes or leading professional development seminars. With these resources combined, A.g Mohan Yoga Teacher Training is committed to helping its alumni stay connected and find success in their chosen paths throughout their careers.

Handstand Yoga Sequence

Cost and Enrollment

A.g Mohan Yoga Teacher Training provides tuition at a cost that is designed to be affordable and accessible to all. Depending on your financial circumstances, you may be eligible for one of the bursaries or grants offered by A.g Mohan as part of their commitment to making yoga teacher training available to everyone regardless of their financial means.

Other potential savings associated with A.g Mohan Yoga Teacher Training is the transferability of credits from this program towards other programs attended in the future. Be sure to check with the other institutions prior to enrollment in order to confirm if they accept these credits and the terms associated with the transferability of such credits. In addition, some employers may provide tuition reimbursement options for staff who have successfully completed this program; again, it’s important to check before starting your tuition payments so that you are aware of any options available to you during or after completing the program.


At various yoga events such as International Yoga Day and World Yoga Festival, graduates of A.G Mohan Yoga Teacher Training have shared their personal experience in their speeches. They have described how this program has changed them into confident and dedicated yoga teachers which developed in them a deep appreciation for the power of yoga. Students described the benefits they received from the teachings imparted by A.G Mohan himself, as he is renowned for creating a safe and comfortable learning environment with great emphasis on both theory and practice. Graduates explained how his teachings exceeded any expectations they had initially set out, opening up undiscovered potentials to bring health, wellness and peace of mind to their lives as well as those of their pupils. Practical tips to teach poses were also mentioned among other helpful lessons about yogic philosophy, anatomy and teaching techniques which have helped them become better instructors who are equipped with essential tools necessary for success in the field of yoga teaching.

Concluding Thoughts

The current trend in the yoga teacher industry is an increasing demand which is being reflected by the growing number of individuals seeking professional qualifications. This uptick has been recognised by A.g Mohan Yoga Teacher Training, a certified and recognised teaching school, who have responded by providing more courses to meet these needs. The training organisation has implemented various forms of learning including online classes, workshops and retreats. These have all been designed to help ensure individual’s ability to gain a maximum understanding of the topics covered during their training with A.g Mohan Yoga Teacher Training.

In addition to this, the organisation has also incorporated certified assessment standards into its courses in order to ensure quality standards are met across all learning platforms and formats they offer. As a result the certification gained has additional value as it carries an accredited recognition across various organisations worldwide making it an ideal choice for any individual looking to gain formal education related to yoga practices and methods.

Overall it appears that A.g Mohan Yoga Teacher Training are well prepared for future prospects as they continually strive towards upholding high teaching standards whilst catering for new demands from potential students through both course flexibility and comprehensive learning options available in multiple different formats; offering students a complete educational experience and qualifications with lasting benefit .

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